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  • The rooms are large 25m2 and overlook garden. In front of your eyes, fruit plants with various flowers are competing to grow up and bear fruits. It is ideal for people who find a peaceful and natural atmosphere.

  • The rooms are large 28m2 as well as an ideal location that provides you the swimming pool view. It is very romantic to have some drink in floor lobby.

  • Being about 50m from the beach, the rooms are large 42m2 with a private balcony and mix with a colorful garden with various flowers, which of all offer comfortable feeling and airy living space to you...

  • The rooms are large 42m2 with a private balcony and located behind the Beach front villa room. Just a few steps from the beach, you can share your joy with a beautiful beach and fresh blue waves...

  • The rooms are large 42m2 with a private balcony, modern facilities and a direct access to the beach. Within walking distance of room, the magnificence of the sunny beach appears to your eyes...

  • Located on sea side area and facing the ocean, the rooms are larger 80m2 and equipped with modern facilities and private balcony where you can enjoy a private and ...